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Plastic Surgery Search Statistics for 2016

Here is a review of Google statistics for health care related searches and services in the year 2016, with takeaways to consider with your plastic surgery marketing. Search Queries 28 billion search queries were made for health related topics and … Continued

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Plastic Surgery and Justification

When you conduct a cosmetic plastic surgery consultation, you’ll get to the point where your patient has to justify having the procedure done. It’s a tricky spot. From a health standpoint, a cosmetic procedure does not have to be done. … Continued

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Let the Pros Do Their Thing

Here is one thing you’d never accept:  a patient walks into a cosmetic surgery consultation saying: Okay doc, this is how I want my procedure to go and this is how you’re going to do it.  These are the results … Continued

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Your Individual Brand

As a plastic surgeon, you – as an individual – and the marketing brand of your practice overlap. As a brand, your practice runs as a business.  You plan marketing campaigns, spend on advertising budgets, and create a persuasive message … Continued

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Face Big Questions First

In plastic surgery, you don’t start to plan the details of the procedure before you’ve ascertained whether or not the patient is a candidate in the first place. You educate patients on how procedures are more about how they feel … Continued

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The Patient Narrative & Earning Trust

The patient narrative can be difficult to overcome. This is the narrative they tell themselves about how they look.  It’s the type of narrative that once told leads to beliefs we maintain irregardless of more nuanced realities. This is the … Continued

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A Question of Trust

Seth Godin notes that the most important questions in marketing are not: Is my price low enough? Is it reliable enough? Do I offer enough features? Am I on the right social media channels? Is the website cool enough? Am … Continued

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